LGVM.net - Ad Management Server

You are here because you probably saw our domain name in your browser status bar.

We are running over 100 websites which result in thousands of webpages.

To make thing easier for us, we are using LGVM.net as our Ad host & CRM.

It saves us a huge amount of time in locating ads and dead links/or suspended merchants.

If you are a merchant on Tradedoubler, Commission Junction, OMG, Affiliate Windows, DMG or any other, you should not be worried.

We only place your ads on website for which you have accepted its application.

Some of our websites include:

London Letting Agency - www.londonlettingagency.com |Cocina de Mama.biz - www.Cocinademama.biz |Car Share Forum - www.carshareforum.co.uk |118117 - www.118117.eu |118118 - www.118118.biz |118228 - www.118228.eu|2x3 - www.2x3.co.uk |Back it up - www.backitup.org.uk |Bonne Fete Grand Mere - www.bonnefetegrandmere.com |Bonne Fete Maman - www.bonnefetemaman.net |Bonne Fete Papa - www.bonnefetepapa.net |Budget Airlines - www.budgetairlines.info |Dubai F1 - www.dubaif1.biz |Chantelle Preston - www.chantellepreston.com |Chantelle.TV - www.chantelle.tv |Equity Loan - www.equityloan.tv |Fete secretaires - www.fetesecretaires.com |Finance Comparator / UK - www.financecomparator.co.uk |Finance Comparator - www.financecomparator.com |Flight Comparator - www.flightcomparator.co.uk |Highspeed2 - www.highspeed2.co.uk |Gros Gain - www.grosgain.com |Hizaam - www.hizaam.com |Hotel Comparator - www.hotelcomparator.co.uk |Local Supplier - www.localsupplier.biz |London F1 GP - www.londonf1gp.com |Real Estate Bulgaria - www.realestatebulgaria.biz |Street Management UK - www.streetmanagement.co.uk |The Broadcaster - www.thebroadcaster.co.uk |Travailler à l'étranger - www.travailleraletranger.org |Diagnostiqueur Immobilier - www.diagnostiqueurimmobilier.fr | Le diagnostiqueur - www.lediagnostiqueur.fr